Indie Highlight: Tied Together Launches On Nintendo Switch

Indie Highlight: Tied Together Launches On Nintendo Switch

The crazy co-op platformer Tied Together is now available on Nintendo Switch. Developed by Napalmtree studios and published by Headup Games, Tied Together gets players working together, as the name implies. Using teamwork to solve various puzzles and finish each level is the key to this game, so sadly solo play isn’t available. In addition to the launch of the game on Nintendo Switch on both the US and UK Nintendo Store, the game has also received a brand new release trailer.

In Tied Together, players take control of lab monsters trying to survive their way through the various test chambers. These lab monsters exist for the purpose of working together and testing their cooperation skills. This is forced upon them via the chains that connect the monsters together. Throughout the colourful experiments, the players will have to coordinate movement, jumps and all other movement to stay alive. Though it sounds like a walk in the park, this is no monster-themed picnic. Avoiding the deadly surfaces such as spikes or lava will be a challenge, so players will have to be sure to keep their friends close to survive.

Tied Together released on Nintendo Switch October 19th, 2018.

Source: Nintendo Store Page