Indie Highlight: Super Treasure Arena For The Nintendo Switch

Indie Highlight: Super Treasure Arena For The Nintendo Switch

Our independent highlight pick for this week goes to Super Treasure Arena, developed by the studio Headup.

The developers have designed this game to be an accessible, pick up and play, twin stick shooter, that focuses on co-operative gameplay. A focus on competitive play sessions with friends on the same screen aims to bring back the same multiplayer experience that old school games such as Bomberman had. Aside from the real human enemies on screen, players will also have to fight off bots and monsters, so there is no time to spare.

Super Treasure Arena features five characters, each with unique special abilities that can turn around a match instantly. That however is the only unique choice at the start of a match as the game does not feature pre-game loadouts, so weapons must be picked up whenever they become available to the player. Players can either shoot their friends or focus on the treasures and smaller monsters. No matter which way players choose, the game promises tons of fun.

Super Treasure Arena is available for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo StoreĀ