Indie Highlight: Super Hyperactive Ninja Character Reveal

Indie Highlight: Super Hyperactive Ninja Character Reveal

The super fast and fun 2D action-platformer created and published by Grimorio of Games and JanduSoft S.L has received a new character announcement.

Super Hyperactive Ninja is an action-platformer built with competitive speedruns and over the top fast-paced gameplay in mind, which is certain to bring out players who enjoy a challenge in their games. The game is packed with secret modes and guest characters, one of which has just been newly revealed, Ace. He is a guest character from the game and comic Ice Cream Surfer, created by Dolores Entertainment and Stephen Hausdorff respectively. Ace’s power allows him to shoot ice cream and freeze enemies from a distance, enabling new ways to play.

Super Hyperactive Ninja is a remake of the mobile game Hyperactive Ninja, developed by David León and Víctor Pedreño. Super Hyperactive Ninja is completely rebuilt from scratch, adapted for non-touch controls and the addition of new mechanics. It requires you to collect coffee and use the power of caffeine to enter your hyperactive mode, something the working class know all too well. Using the power of caffeine comes at a price, as your energy levels are limited and, if you run out of caffeine, it’s game over.. The game boasts over 50 levels, secret paths, hidden modes and plenty of guest characters, so grab your coffee and get ready to play once this game releases.

Super Hyperactive Ninja is due to release on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, and Xbox One at an unannounced date.

Source: Super Hyperactive Ninja Official Site