Indie Highlight: Space Bear

Indie Highlight: Space Bear

Look, don’t click out of the article, I know the thumbnail is weird. I get it, I do, but this game is something special. Even though it was on of my many attempts at quelling boredom with Steam games at ungodly hours, it’s honestly one of the best indie titles I have ever played.

Space Bear is a very creative typing adventure game featuring—you guessed it—a bear in space, developed by Damon Smith, and published by Space Bear Games.

Now you might be asking; what exactly makes this so much different from other typing adventure titles? Well, nothing really, but if you are looking for a good laugh and just stupid fun, this game is the perfect candidate.

Space Bear takes you on a silly adventure in space where you communicate with a predictive language AI designed for bears since they for some reason cannot type. Can’t fathom why. The AI allows for the bear to type utter gibberish and the AI mistranslates it into the most absurd and hilarious responses, such as “A Clean Butt” as can be seen in the above image.

Along with the absurd text adventures and conversations that you will accompany Space Bear on, you can also participate in mini-games, such as this fish chopping mini-game, where you chop fish as fast as possible to get the highest score possible.

If I have sold you on this title, well you will be glad to know that the title is free on Steam, where you can experience this wacky adventure at no extra cost other than installing it on your hard drive.

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