Indie Highlight: Sleep Tight

Indie Highlight: Sleep Tight

Developers We Are Fuzzy released their indie game Sleep Tight on Steam and Nintendo Switch earlier this week. The game is an arcade-style twin-stick shooter with a cartoon aesthetic, which aims to mix fast-paced gameplay with various levels of strategic combat. It is very similar to the traditional Tower Defense games, but with an added twist.

The game aims to the player’s childhood side, back when their imagination was free to run wild and responsibilities were a thing of the past. Building pillow forts during the day to protect yourself at night, bringing back memories of being scared of the dark, and monsters under the bed. Now, luckily, you are equipped with the ability to fight the monsters back into the darkness they came. Using weapons like dart guns, water balloon launchers, and various other toy themed tools, the player can fight to survive the night. Careful planning will have to take place, as the monsters are not going down without a fight. During each night players can collect starts to upgrade their skills, buy power-ups and unlock new weapons.

Being produced by such names as Maxx Burman (Worked on Titanfall and Far Cry series), Dylan Ekren (Character designer for Wreck-It Ralph), and Oscar Mar (Rainbow 6 franchise), it’s clear that the developers are made up with some extreme talent. The team brings experience from different facets of the industry to create something unique and challenging. Take a look at the trailer below to see if you agree with us!

Sleep Tight is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Source: Sleep Tight Official Site