Indie Highlight: PLANET ALPHA Gets A Brand New Trailer

Indie Highlight: PLANET ALPHA Gets A Brand New Trailer

PLANET ALPHA, the brand new adventure platform game by Team17 and Planet Alpha ApS has received a new trailer. Designed as a futuristic platformer, it aims to tell an immersive story filled with beauty and danger.

The story focuses on an unnamed character who found himself marooned on a strange planet. Waking up injured and alone, they must travel across the strange planet, journeying through the wild and wonderful scenery of PLANET ALPHA. As they walk through the wilderness, they discover they possess a unique gift that allows them to manipulate the time of day. This is an extremely useful gift due to PLANET ALPHA‘s unique solar cycle. Various puzzles and stealth mechanics help this game stand out from being your average platformer. Partnered with the environment manipulation and beautiful art style, this is a must-have.

One reason we wanted to highlight this independent title is their unique look at the unknown, mixed with the purely colourful art style the development team decided to go with. We are looking forward to playing the game later this year.

PLANET ALPHA is due to release for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2018.

Source: PLANET ALPHA Official Website