Indie Highlight: Nevermind Announces Little Legend

Indie Highlight: Nevermind Announces Little Legend

Today’s Independent Highlight focus shines the light on a “Little” game called Little Legend.

Nevermind announced Little Legend earlier today, with the game inspired by works from Disney and Studio Ghibli classics. This 2D open-world adventure title is sure to grab the players’ attention as they roam through dreamlike environments as the young girl named Pimpim. She has supernatural powers to guide her in her quest, as she aims to explore the exciting world of Little Legend. The game allows players to create their own skills and abilities, allowing them to play the game at their own unique pace.

A trailer of the game can be seen below and showcases some of the excellent art you can expect with your experience. We are very excited about the release of Little Legend, and we believe you should be too.

Based in France, Nevermind Game Studio is a development team made up of around ten employees, with the game being in development since 2017, when the studio was born. This will be the first game created by the developers, proving to be an important opportunity to get the studio’s name out there. While Little Legend is still scarce for details, the game will have a Kickstarter campaign launching by the end of 2018. We wish them the best in their game development adventure!

Little Legend is in development for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Via Steam).

Source: Little Legend Official Site