Indie Highlight: Lore Finder Launches Their Kickstarter

Indie Highlight: Lore Finder Launches Their Kickstarter

Kitsune Games have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming game Lore Finder. A new trailer for the game released alongside the Kickstarter, which is viewable after the break.

Lore Finder is a modern re-imagining of the cosmic horror genre. The team behind the game are working with talents that have contributed to independent titles such as Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Cave Story+, and Shutshimi.

The Kickstarter campaign just one day in raised more than a third of it’s $10,000 goal. With the majority of the Kickstarter campaign left, it is almost guaranteed that it will reach its target within the next few days. Reward tiers start at $2, placing your name in the credits, and go to $2,500, netting nice things such as your face’s inclusion into the game. Besides that, there are tons of physical items for several available tiers; might be a great way to contribute. With an expected completion date of December 2019 on all tiers the rewards are still a while off, however helping the development of a game and the team behind it progress to completion is the best reward any gamer can get.

The game is currently only planned for release on PC, but if stretch goals are achieved Kitsune Games plans to bring Lore Finder to the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Playstation Vita. If anyone is interested in contributing to the Kickstarter you can do so at the Lore Finder Website, which directly links you to their funding page.

Source: Lore Finder Kickstarter Page