Indie Highlight: Impulsion To Release On Steam July 19th

Indie Highlight: Impulsion To Release On Steam July 19th

We have the mind-bending puzzle game Impulsion. Developed by the minds at Driving Force Games, Impulsion is a first-person platformer due to release on Steam next month. The game has been nominated for various gaming awards and is the winner of “Ping Awards 2017“.

Impulsion features mind-bending puzzles that challenge the player in reacting quickly to the situations that present themselves. With many challenges to overcome, players must adapt and improve their skills through the increasingly difficult labyrinth. Players are equipped with force field pistols, where they can manipulate gravity, speed and time to overcome various obstacles and traps throughout the environment. Lightning fast reflexes and quick puzzle solving is the only way to survive and progress, so finding the correct balance between bravery and being circumspect is vital for every situation.


The game features 25 levels, all featuring a difficulty curve. The story mode provides an amazing science fiction experience that will have the player occupied for hours. Competitive and speed-run modes add more challenges to the game, expanding the game’s replayability. In competitive mode, friends and strangers compete against each other through the Steam Leaderboards, showing off who is the best of the best. The self-explained Speed-run mode pits gamers against the clock as they compete to beat the level in the fastest time.

Impulsion releases for PC on July 19th, 2018, via Steam.

Source: Impulsion Official Website

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