Indie Highlight: I Hate Running Backwards

Indie Highlight: I Hate Running Backwards

This week, the Indie Action Shoot-em Up I Hate Running Backwards was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Developed by Binx Interactive and Croteam Incubator, this game has won plenty of awards in the past, including “Best Of Gamescom 2017.”

Published by the infamous Devolver Digital, this weird and whacky game has a heavy focus on destruction, as the player fights against never-ending waves of enemies. Add in the time travelling aspect of the game, filled with fully destructible worlds and you’ve got yourself a jam packed adventure. There are four characters to choose from, all characters from other popular independent hits. Shadow Warrior’s Lo Wang, Enter the Gungeon’s Bullet Kin, Hotline Miami’s Richard, and Nuclear Throne’s Crystal, with each utilizing a large range of weapons, such as shotguns, lasers, rocket launchers and singularity cannons. The game has more than 40 special weapons, such as a Shrapnel Umbrella, so be sure to look out for the special weapon crates throughout the environments. Oh, and don’t forget to take out the bosses. As in most video games, defeating the boss will give you some special stuff that you probably want under your belt.

The story focuses on Sam and friends, as they get stuck in the space-time continuum and battle Ugh-Zan reincarnated as a giant mech. This battle will take players across multiple different years and periods in time. You’ll also see multiple different environments such as the Aztec jungles and the deserts of Egypt. Every environment will have its own boss so be sure you’re ready to fight! The game is both single player and multiplayer via local play for more time travelling fun, because it’s always better getting lost in time with a friend, right?

Source: Croteam Official Site