Indie Highlight: Garden Paws

Indie Highlight: Garden Paws

Garden Paws is the newest game by Bitten Toast Games. Founded on November 7th, 2016, Bitten Toast Games is an independent game studio based out of Vancouver, Canada, that specializes in adorable-looking games. This new cute and fun RPG, Garden Paws, allows players to play the game however they want, whether it’s spending the day questing, or just doing some casual fishing.

In Garden Paws, players have inherited their grandparent’s farm. With help from a friendly character named Frank, players can finish off their new home with various upgrades. It’s important that the player helps Frank and the town’s Mayor to build the town into something amazing and reach it’s full potential. It isn’t an easy task and requires time and money.

One of the ways to earn cash in the game is to run a shop to sell the items earned through exploring the islands. The environment is rich with valuable goods that can be sold, such as flowers.  As time moves on and buildings are created, new townsfolk will visit with new items to purchase or quests to complete. Other activities include raising animals like chickens, building museums, blacksmiths and Inns and in the game as well as overcoming many natural disasters. There is a lot of content to explore and you can do it alone or with up to 3 friends, creating the world you want to play in.

Garden Paws is scheduled for Steam Early Access in December 2018, with console release to be discussed. The game has an active Kickstarter which you can visit if you wish to help fund the game!

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