Indie Highlight: Gal Metal Releases On Nintendo Switch

Indie Highlight: Gal Metal Releases On Nintendo Switch

The brand new music game Gal Metal is finally available on Nintendo Switch in the west. Developed by DMM Games, the game aims to mix heavy metal music with cute girls and unique gameplay to create one wild experience. While saving the earth from an alien invasion, players must rock out by creating unique drumlines with their Joy-Con controllers.

Launching alongside the game is the ‘Encore Pack’ DLC. This DLC pack adds five new characters to the game, each with unique story episodes and songs. The Gal Metal: World Tour Edition is also available and can be purchased from selected retailers. It contains the base game and the DLC, both bundled together on the same Nintendo Switch cartridge. They’ll also be some exclusive heavy metal stickers that feature a range of in-game characters for those who purchase this special edition.

Gal Metal also received an awesome launch trailer, which features the heavy metal goodness, comic book style and unique gameplay that is sure to get everyone rocking out!

Gal Metal launched on Nintendo Switch on Nov. 2, 2018.

Source: Marvelous Games