Indie Highlight: Don’t Stand Out Is A Fun New Take On Battle Royale

Indie Highlight: Don’t Stand Out Is A Fun New Take On Battle Royale

Don’t Stand Out is a brand new battle royale game created and published by Tantum Games, and is due to release for early access at some time in May 2018 on Steam.

The game is a fun new take on the battle royale genre, claiming to scrap the boring parts of the genre and focus on the exciting stuff. Calling this game “flipping-crazy” would be the most accurate description, as flipping around the battlefield is one of your most powerful tools. Using fast reflexes, powerful explosions and hiding spots, Don’t Stand Out plans to, ironically, stand out from the rest and become a multiplayer game you can play for hours on end.

If all the fun didn’t catch your eye, then the colorful environments and characters will. Don’t let it distract you, as the skirmishes you get involved in will rely on the player making every second, and flip, count. The game’s pixel style adds to the playful aspect of the game, and helps everyone relax and have fun, while also going for that all important victory. Typically, games last for an half hour and is suited for short fights with lots of action. Placing traps, controlling locations, and moving between cover is one style you could choose, or players could do the popular option and run in guns blazing. Either way, there is no worrying about looting or any of that tedious stuff, just go out and have a blast, literally.

Don’t Stand Out is due to release in early access this month on Steam.