Indie Highlight: Cuphead

Indie Highlight: Cuphead

… and you thought Dark Souls was hard. This week’s Indie Highlight is the incredibly unique Cuphead! This indie game is certainly one of the most popular out there, and yet we haven’t spoke of it for years here at Informed Pixel. So now, we’re going to change that as we give Cuphead the spotlight it deserves!

Cuphead was developed by Studio MDHR Entertainment and was released in September 2017. It’s a classic side-scrolling run & gun game with a dedicated focus on boss battles. The game’s style is greatly inspired by 1930’s cartoons and features very fun & challenging gameplay.

Don’t Deal With The Devil!

The first thing you notice is how the game is much more than just influenced by 1930’s cartoons. In all actuality; the visuals and audio created with the same techniques of the era; such as watercolor backgrounds, hand-drawn cel animation and even original jazz recordings. This creates a fresh, unique feeling that almost no other game has accomplished before or since.

Cuphead features solo or co-op, where player-2 plays as Cuphead’s sidekick: Mugman! Together you & your friend will traverse beautiful worlds, take on massive bosses and acquire new weapons on your journey to pay your debt back to the devil himself! Be wary, as the game does require practice and skill, and certainly does not hold your hand through vigorous challenges and bosses.

The game is genuinely quite difficult overall, and will challenge you in a variety of different ways. Much like classic run & gun games of the past, the game can be fast paced and you may die often as you learn the attack patterns of your enemies. Once you overcome these challenges you’ll find that it’s quite a rewarding experience.

Cuphead is one of the most wonderful co-op indie games that I have ever experienced, and I would certainly recommenced it to anybody looking for a challenge. It’s got a wonderful art-style, delightful music and pristine gameplay. The game is available on Xbox One, PC via Steam & The Nintendo Switch for only $19.99. Learn more by visiting their official website!

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