Indie Highlight: Black Mesa + Definitive Edition (Beta)

Indie Highlight: Black Mesa + Definitive Edition (Beta)

They’re waiting for you, in the test chamber… Black Mesa is a Indie fan remake of Valve Software’s outstanding game Half-Life; bringing the classic FPS to a whole new generation of gamers! With a new update titled Black Mesa Definitive Edition recently releasing in a beta stage, featuring a ton of updates and fixes; let’s jump into this instalment of our Indie Highlight!

Black Mesa has been in consistent development by the Indie game studio Crowbar Collective since 2005; and had seen its fully complete release back in March 2020. The initial game is a complete overhaul for Half-Life including enhanced graphics, sounds, performance and a few gameplay modifications; making the fan remake a perfect way to experience Half-Life for new and old fans!

The fan remake is overall a faithful remake, but it isn’t afraid to update the 1998 classic to better fit today’s world of gaming. The story is mostly unaffected aside from a few small changes to help better connect to Half-Life 2. Some gameplay encounters are updated make for more interesting encounters, for better or worse, but ultimately it’s still a similar experience to the classic.

The final section of the game, the alien dimension of Xen, has been entirely remade from scratch; largely being an incredible improvement to the classic game’s most flawed section. With refined gameplay, much better level design and beautiful visuals; the floaty alien dimension becomes an absolute dream to play through. This is the biggest improvement that the Indie remake offers, wrapping up the package as a great way to experience the original Half-Life!

Definitive Edition Details

On October 29th, 2020, Crowbar Collective announced that the beta for Black Mesa: Definitive Edition was available to play just in time for Halloween. The update includes several large updates to some previously criticized levels, the addition of dynamic lighting & brand new art for non-Xen outdoor levels! Almost every level of the game has been improved in one way or another; whether it be lighting, design, enemy encounters and more!

For example, one of the older missions known as “Power up” has received a full rework; mostly visually, but with some level design fixes as well. With a focus of “cause and effect” gameplay, players will find themselves through a darkened facility to turn the lights on; having to face down the Gargantua and power up the tram. This mission will show off the new dynamic lighting updates more than any other!

The team has made a few other important updates, such as designated supply boxes; which will always contain health and armour or both! They have also fixed an absolute insane amount of bugs and design issues throughout the game; such improved AI, known glitches, visual issues and much more.

There are also some big UI updates that drastically improve the experience, such as a button to leave a match, crouch toggle, key binding for controller and Keyboard and many more! Additionally they updated their Steam Workshop support which now allows mods to be accessed at a push of a button; making for a better experience for those interested in using mods.

Pixel Mesa

For many Black Mesa is certainly the best way to experience the original Half-Life! To learn more about the vast list of updates, upgrades and bug fixes that Black Mesa Definitive Edition brings; check out the official Black Mesa Steam Page; where the outstanding Indie remake is exclusively available for only $20!

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