Hyrule Warriors ‘leaked’ for Nintendo 3DS

Hyrule Warriors ‘leaked’ for Nintendo 3DS

While previously a Wii-U exclusive, it looks like Hyrule Warriors will be making it’s way to the Nintendo 3DS sometime in the near future.

This news comes from a leak discovered by @Doctor_cupcakes, who made the discovery from Koei Tecmo’s official Youtube channel. When you attempt to go to the trailer now, the video is flagged as ‘private’ but the trailer has already shared across multiple channels on Youtube (as seen below).

The leaked announcement trailer for the game reveals that it will feature new characters such as Wind Waker’s Tetra and King Daphnes as well as new touch screen controls which will provide easier access to switch between link and the gang using the stylus. While it is unclear if this will be a new game in the series or simply a re-release with additional content, the trailer seems pretty conclusive that a new Hyrule Warriors will be making it’s appearance at E3 next week.

Unfortunately, we have yet to hear official word from Nintendo, Omega Force or Team Ninja regarding the release of Hyrules Warriors for 3DS but we would expect to learn more during Nintendo’s live E3 stream next Tuesday at 9AM PST.

  • Evil Master Vyro

    I fear for this game’s framerate

  • I totally agree… I really hope that the framerate doesn’t suffer… knowing Nintendo this will be ‘New’ Nintendo 3DS exclusive too

  • KolDraco

    it might be good with the new hardware running these games. and nintendos constant updates..

  • IIIMisterHulk

    I think it will loose the charm that was brought to us on the wii u version.