Hyper Scape Season 2: The Aftermath – Now Available

Hyper Scape Season 2: The Aftermath – Now Available

This week Ubisoft has launched the second season of Hyper Scape, with the new season simply dubbed “The Aftermath”. The new season not only brings a new area to the games Neo-Aecadia map, it also introduces the Atrax a new explosive weapon. There’s also a new limited time hack coming later this month in the form of Platform. Platform, as the name implies, allows players to create a platform wherever they want – which is good for reaching high places!

This new hack will also feature heavily in the new seasons time-limited game mode. The Floor is Lava tasks players in not touching the floor – which is where the Platform hack comes into play. The second time-limited event, Crown Rush Duo is pretty self explanatory; Crown Rush is one of the games core modes which you can now play as a duo. Meanwhile Crown Rush Solo will now allow players who die early to respawn via a new feature called Second Chance.

There’s a fair amount more also coming to Hyper Scape. A Halloween event will take place between October 20th – November 3, which will feature your typical horror themed cosmetics and trinkets. During this time the Halloween event will also turn Crown Rush Teams into night. There’s also a new battle pass, new lore, and a new ranking system that’s based on “the ten best matches of each player“.

The season 2 content is available right now, and comes ahead of more changes to the battle royale as Ubisoft responds to player feedback.

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