Hunt: Showdown – Now Available on PlayStation 4

Hunt: Showdown – Now Available on PlayStation 4

Developed by Crytek and published by Deep SilverHunt: Showdown sees players tackle super-natural creatures around the locations of Stillwater Bayou and Lawson Delta. Hunt: Showdown is a competitive shooter where gameplay is a mixture of PVE and PVP. Set in an alternate 1895 Louisiana, players must use their survival skills to successfully track and then eliminate their bounty.

The bounty targets are made up of The Butcher, The Assassin and a monstrous looking human/arachnid creature called The SpiderEach bounty is terrifying in their own way and each offers a unique combat style. If this was not enough – every player is against each other.  Whether you’re playing solo, in a duo or in a team of three, everyone is against each other.

The tension really mounts when you discover your bounty, to then be attacked by a rival Hunter who are out to capitalize on your hard earned work. For the solo player there is also a quick play option, which sees a group of unarmed players scavenge for loot and compete for diminishing bounties whilst navigating the perilous terrain. Permadeath is also a gameplay factor, in which once your chosen Hunter meets their match, then they and their equipment are lost and you have to start again as a fresh faced Hunter with zero experience and skills.

Hunt: Showdown also uses sound to really amp up the tension. With no in-game leaderboard or kill notifications, you have to use your surroundings to alert yourself to enemy player presence. Dangling chains, caged dogs and perched crows are all there to give you away if your careless enough to venture close. With a massive arsenal of weapons and equipment to unlock from bolt action rifles and crossbow there is something to suit each style of gameplay.

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