Humble Weekly Bundle – Get It Before It’s Gone!

Humble Weekly Bundle – Get It Before It’s Gone!

This week the humble bundle has an amazing line up featuring games that boast anything from survival games to 1 month premium memberships!  So plug in those Steam Remotes and rev up your hard drives because your library of games is about to buzz with tons of new great titles!

Before we get going however, I’ll explain what the Humble Bundle is (Incase this is your first time hearing about it).  The Humble Bundle is a website that has bundles of games for humble prices!  Bundles are sold through a “Pay what you want” system, meaning that you can pay as little as you want or all the way up to however much is possible in order to get these games.  Normally, the more you pay, the more games you get. For example, if you pay over $3.65 (At the time of this writing) for the weekly bundle, you get 5 more games. If you pay over $9, you get one more game.  You also are able to decide exactly how your purchase is divided up, meaning you can decide what amount goes to the developers, charity, and the Humble Tip Jar.

The first game on the list is a comedy adventure titled Jazzpunk. In the live action trailer, we see a sci-fi cold war world and multiple elements based off of spoof comedy styles and cartoonish ideas.  This game was developed by Necrophone Games alongside Adult Swim Games and has received nothing but positive reviews proclaiming that it’s fun to play and will give you a great laugh.

The next game is an MMORPG, which is not currently available through Steam titled Devilian. Through the Humble Bundle Extra Life Package, you also get Radiant Halo cosmetic armour for all of your Devilian characters as well as access to all Devilian Beta Events.  Developed by Trion Worlds and Bluehole Ginno, the gameplay includes dungeons and feels very reminiscent of titles such as World of Warcraft and Runescape.

Next up is the sequel to the much praised (and also available through this bundle) Overlord, titled Overlord II. In this sequel, you now get to enslave the human race with a smarter, faster, deadlier, and wittier crowd of minions that come in 4 new varieties: Brutal Browns, fiery Reds, stealthy Greens, and healing Blues. Developed by Triumph Studios, reviews claim that it has improved visuals, improved customization and maintained humor. This game sells alone on Steam for $10.99 but is available for any price above $3.65 through the Humble Bundle.

You also receive a Premium 1-month licence for XSplit, a service that allows you to live stream and record gameplay with the click of a button. This program was created by SplitmediaLabs and does require a credit card to activate.

To recap, in the base version of the bundle you receive:

– 67% off of any MacVenture Series game
– Jazzpunk
– How to Survive
– Overlord
– Extra Life Humble Bundle Devilian Package
– XSplit Premium 1-Month License

The content unlockable for any payment above $3.65 (At the time of this writing) includes:

– How to Survive: Third Person Standalone
– Trove Skyfire Helm DLC
– It Came from Space, and Ate Our Brains
– Overlord II
– Shadowgate (2014) and Shadowgate: MacVenture Series
– Everything from the base bundle

Last but not least the content available for anything above $9:

– Secret Ponchos
– Everything in the bundles listed above.

All in all the Humble Bundle is an amazing way to get Bundles of Games for Humble prices while donating to charity for a good cause.  You can head here for the latest offerings in the humble bundle shall you want to participate in the offerings.