How to Reduce Lag and Increase Internet Speed for Gaming?

Playing multiplayer games online is a trend now and a lot of people are getting internet services just to play games online. Gamers get frustrated when they face lag while playing games online. It’s just like you are watching your favourite show on Netflix and it keeps buffering and buffering. It hurts, right? Gamers go through the same thing when they face a delay.

We are going to discuss about, what things you should check while getting an internet service that is compatible with your gaming consoles and which works smoothly even when you use multiple gaming devices at one time and how you can reduce lag and increase your internet speed.


Internet speed and Bandwidth

It is not necessary to get ultra-speed of the internet or the gig service in order to play games online. But you still need a good speed if you don’t want any lag or delay while playing games online. If there are multiple internet users in your home who does internet-based activities like streaming online, work from home, video conferencing at the same time, it can affect your bandwidth.

Such activities are data consuming and can affect your speed as well. Using multiple devices at the same time can reduce your internet speed so make sure while playing games, try not to do internet-based activities. Close those applications which consume data and, you’ll see the difference in speed yourself.


Low latency

Try to aim for low latency. Network latency is how long it usually takes for the data to travel from the source to its destination. The higher, the latency, the more lag you’ll be facing while playing the games. For instance, if someone is playing a shooting game, and he shots the opponent, it might take some time for the bullet to hit the target and in that time span, your opponent might kill you.

Try to connect internet services through Ethernet cable, it will increase the bandwidth and will result in low latency. The lower the latency will be, the better the performance would be. Try to get high-speed internet with less latency, then you’ll be able to enjoy online games.


Elite gamer base connection

Try to get an elite gamer base connection, if you have a PC system. It comes with less latency and you can enhance your gameplay with up to 30% less lag. With the elite gamer base connection, you can have experience of a more stable connection. The technology which is used behind Elite Gamer is designed in a way that keeps you and your team connected and ahead of your competitors.

An intelligent routing system is used which automatically finds a faster pathway to your server and helps in optimizing your internet connection. You can get high-speed internet services along with the Elite gamer base connection with COX Communication. You can check Cox internet packages as COX offers high speed of up to 940mbps with the promotional prices.


Use compatible equipment

When you get internet services, try to get the modem and the router offered by the internet service provider as they offer the compatible equipment to make sure that the customer gets consistently the same speed.

When you use your equipment, you face compatibility issues which result in poor network connection and signals drop. If you want to use your own modem or router, do tell them about the modem or router model and ask if that is compatible or not.


Data cap

Data cap plays a vital role in gamer’s life as online games consume data a lot, so you need to make sure that either you get an unlimited data cap or a 1Tb data cap. 1Tb is practically unlimited but still if there are like 10-15 people in your house who use internet service at the same time and do data-consuming activities like online streaming or gaming on multiple consoles, try to get an unlimited data cap because once your data has ended, your speed will go down and you’ll start facing issues regarding your internet services. You know your usage, so customize a package as per your needs.


Can I do gaming on satellite?

Gaming on satellite services is kind of impossible. Satellite services usually come with a limited data cap with not a very good speed. With satellite, you’ll surely be facing lag and high latency. You cannot play games like those on Xbox Live or PlayStation but can play arcade games like chess and casino games. Even the providers which provide satellite services do not recommend the customers to play games online.

If you are a gamer, you cannot play games by using satellite services. Try to get services provided either through fiber or coax cable as you get high-speed internet through these and they also provide unlimited data cap so you can stream and download as much as you want to with low latency and you can use multiple devices at the same time.