Horror Game The Medium Announced for Xbox Series X

Horror Game The Medium Announced for Xbox Series X

We were teased with a series of titles in development for the next generation of Xbox, and one of the intriguing reveals from the third party games show reel was The Medium. It’s the new psychological horror experience by Polish independent games development studio, Bloober.

From disintegrating buildings to fetal ultrasound scans. From literal blood on your hands to a transition of worlds. The trailer consequently leaves us with a lot of intrigue and mystery.

You play as Marianne, a medium with the ability to traverse between the real world and the spirit world. Her visions lead her to an eerie abandoned hotel, where something very bad happened a long time ago. Only a medium (the player) can solve the mystery hidden within.

We are told that everything in life is about perspective, and it appears The Medium will certainly explore this philosophy. The way you perceive things can change with your shifting perspective. Game Producer Jacek Zieba said: “we play as a medium that can see both realities […] when you play as a medium, you have a really unique perspective to find out what is inside other people and/or what happens in different places.”

Bringing the scares to The Medium…

In an added bonus from the world of psychological horror, Akira Yamaoka is confirmed to be working with the team. Bloober’s Writer, Andrzej Madrzak, said: “we’re very excited to announce that we’re working on the project in cooperation.” Akira Yamaoka is best known for his oppressive and impactful composition in Konami’s Silent Hill series. So, expect a very intense atmosphere in The Medium.

Bloober has a consistent hand in creative worlds and psychological horror games. Just based on their previous titles; Layers of Fear, The Observer and Blair Witch. Therefore, it is safe to say The Medium will take us on a visually and thematically rich journey.

The Medium will be releasing on Xbox Series X and PC in Holiday 2020.

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