Horror Game Mundaun Pencilled In For 2021

Horror Game Mundaun Pencilled In For 2021

Two of the most important senses when it comes to horror games are atmosphere and controls. Horror games utilize these in many unique ways. The atmosphere (visuals/sound) can hide a jump-scare or set the mood to create tension; it can even become a character itself.

Controls, while sometimes maddening, create that extra level of immersion and concentration, making the player ripe for a jump-scare. Different developers and games have their own combinations to help distinguish them from the hordes of other horror fare. The horror game Mundaun is pencilled in for 2021, and looks to do much the same for itself.

Graphite Gaming

Developer Hidden Fields (a one-man company) has been working on Mundaun since 2015 and only recently informed people of a release date. The game will have “hand-drawn visuals” and what they describe as a unique fear system. Michel Ziegler, the creator, is harvesting his own experiences to use in the game.

All environmental elements are drawn. The fear mechanic will decide on how the character will control, which in turn should create more fear. If you are interested in the visual aspect, you can check out his personal sketchbook through a link at the site.

The story has the player explore “an alpine world where reality and myth intertwine.” Players won’t have the ability to fight, so they will need to avoid the forces roaming the mountains. To make it more authentic, at least some of the dialogue will be recorded in Romansh. The language is spoken by only about 44,000 people. As for a specific release date, it only reveals a Q1 2021 release window.

So if you are an artist, or just like pencil-drawn aesthetics, you should check it out. Mundaun will release on Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Be sure to check us out at Informed Pixel for more gaming news, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.