Highlight of the Week: World of Warcraft Shadowlands Releasing Next Week

Highlight of the Week: World of Warcraft Shadowlands Releasing Next Week

That’s right Warcraft fans, World of Warcraft is releasing its 8th expansion, Shadowlands, in just a few days, where you will be able to travel to past the veil of life and death and enter the Shadowlands, an afterlife realm.

With a single act of destruction, Sylvanas Windrunner has ripped open the way to the afterlife. Azeroth’s most powerful defender, you, will be dragged into the Shadowlands, where an ancient force of death threatens to break its bonds and unravel reality.

As one of Azeroth’s greatest champions, you have been granted the power to cross over in body and soul. Now you must investigate a conspiracy to unmake the cosmos, and help Warcraft legends journey back, or fulfil their ultimate destiny.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will smooth out the levelling experience and better prepare new adventurers for what’s to come. Players will level up to 50 before heading to the Shadowlands, with the new level cap for the expansion being level 60.

Shadowlands is slated to release on November 23rd, 2020. The expansion is up for pre-order for $39.99, $59.99, or $79.99 depending on which package you would like to purchase, each, however coming with some goodies. Get ready adventurer, to step into the Shadowlands.

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