Here Is When You Can Purchase The NES Classic Edition On Amazon

Here Is When You Can Purchase The NES Classic Edition On Amazon

Amazon customers can purchase the NES Classic Edition starting tomorrow at 2 PM PST. 

The online retailer warns that the device is in high-demand and that they have limited quantities of the NES Classic Edition available. As there is no guarantee that they will have stock for long, Amazon is limiting the unit to one per customer, and the 1-Click ordering feature will be disabled for the sale of the console. 

Amazon notes that they will have additional quantities at a later date, however, if you want the NES Classic Edition by early next week, they strongly urge consumers to purchase the system tomorrow at 2 PM. “We will be receiving additional quantities over the coming weeks.” An email from Amazon read. “Please act quickly at 2:00 p.m. PT on Friday for your best chance at buying an NES Classic.”

The NES Classic Edition will retail for $59.99 USD ($79.99 CAD) and includes the miniature NES console, an NES Classic Controller, and 30 preloaded video games. Amazon does not include information from the email blast sent out regarding new NES Classic Controllers. However, we assume that their availability is just as limited as the console.

If you would like a head start on the competition, Amazon has the console’s listing here. It would be wise to refresh that link for when the product goes on sale tomorrow afternoon.

The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition releases tomorrow, November 11th, in North America