Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer Discusses Project Scorpio Price

Head Of Xbox Phil Spencer Discusses Project Scorpio Price

Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Phil Spencer openly spoke about the Project Scorpio’s projected price point yesterday afternoon.

The discussion arose due to analyst Michael Patcher previously stating that it would be suicide for Microsoft to release the console for more than $399.99 USD. Phil Spencer disagreed with the statement, saying that the Scorpio is priced as a premium product. “It [Project Scorpio] will cost more than S, obviously, that’s how we are building it. We have not announced the pricing yet, but I want to make sure that the investment we are putting into the product of Scorpio meets the demands of the higher-end consumer and that will be a higher price.

The price of the Xbox One S in Canada is $399.99 for the 500 GB models. We are projecting, with the statement made above, that the Project Scorpio will run for about $599.99 Canadian. Of course, this is our speculation on the matter, nothing definite until Microsoft announces the details themselves.

The next-generation console was unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference this year. Boasting more than 6 TFLOPs of power and support for native 4K rendering, the Xbox Scorpio should be leaps and bounds beyond the technology presented in the Xbox One S.

Project Scorpio is expected to launch in Fall 2017.

Source: Levelup