Harmonix Announces Rock Band 4 PC Fig Campaign

Harmonix Announces Rock Band 4 PC Fig Campaign

Harmonix is planning to bring Rock Band 4 to the PC.

Rock Band will make it’s PC debut provided that they receive enough funding through their fig campaign, requiring $1.5 Million USD to produce and release the game on Steam. If funded, the game will launch on Steam with a tracklist of 65 songs (98 if your back the game on fig) and a library of over 1,700 tracks to download and customize your setlist.

The one main difference that the PC version of the game will feature is user-generated content. Similar to the Rock Band Network in past Rock Band titles, anyone who has a little creative know-how will be able to produce their own tracks for sharing on the Steam Workshop. All of these tracks will be available to download, absolutely free of charge to anyone who owns a copy of Rock Band 4 for PC. Sadly, this feature was announced as a PC exclusive, so don’t expect to see it carry over to the console versions.

If you are interested in backing the game, you can head over to the official fig campaign page. If funded, Rock Band 4 is scheduled to launch for PC in the Fall of 2016.