Harmonix and PDP Announce Rock Band Rivals

Harmonix and PDP Announce Rock Band Rivals

Harmonix and PDP will be bringing another Rock Band game this year titled Rock Band Rivals.

Owners of Rock Band 4 will be able to purchase Rock Band Rivals on digital markets for $29.99 when it launches later this Fall.

For those who don’t own Rock Band Peripherals, Rock Band Rivals will be released as a Rock Band Rivals Kit and a Guitar Bundle. The Rock Band Rivals Kit includes copies of Rock Band Rival, Rock band 4 and the new Rock Band Wireless Fender Jaguar Controller, Drum Kit and Microphone for $199.99 USD. The Rock Band Rivals Guitar Bundle will also include copies of Rock Band 4 and Rock band Rivals as well as the new Rock Band Wireless Fender Jaguar Controller. This set will retail for $89.99 USD when it is released this Fall.

The new Rock Band Wireless Fender Jaguar Controller will include new features, including the ability to fold up the Guitar controller for easier storage options. Most of the new features of the guitar have not been revealed yet, but we were told that the calibration feature will be greatly improved from the Rock Band 4 iterations. It was stated that PDP plans to release a rechargeable solution for the Wireless Guitar Controller as well, which will include a charging station and rechargeable battery pack.

“With more than $100 million in sales of Rock Band 4 to date, it’s clear that there are as many aspiring rock stars out there as ever,” said Steve Janiak, CEO of Harmonix Music Systems. “We’re incredibly excited to announce Rock Band Rivals and to formally kick off our co-publishing relationship with PDP. With new and improved hardware, a great price and some fun original features, Rock Band Rivals promises a fresh take on Rock Band 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.”

PDP also announced a new Wired Adapter for the Xbox One, which will allow owners of legacy hardware such as the ION Pro Drum Kit or the Rock Band Wired Guitar Controller to use their equipment with current and future Rock Band games.

Rock Band Rivals is being released for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 this fall.