Hand of Fate 2 Coming Early 2017

Hand of Fate 2 Coming Early 2017

A sequel to the card game Hand of Fate has been announced for release in early 2017.

Defiant Development revealed the news today that Hand of Fate 2 will be released early next year. This action-RPG based card game will include new cards along with new enemy types, equipment and new companions making for a sequel packed with new content.

“Hand of Fate demanded players prepare themselves for any possible outcome with each overturned card,” said Morgan Jaffit, director of Defiant Development. “With the new mechanics we’ve added into Hand of Fate 2, even players who mastered the first game will once again be challenged by the luck of the draw.”

Hand of Fate 2 is scheduled to launch early 2017 for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Source: IGN.com