Halo Wars 2 Week Long Beta Announced

Halo Wars 2 Week Long Beta Announced

Today, during the 343 Studios portion of the Microsoft E3 conference, Halo Wars 2 was announced.

Utilizing classic Halo Wars gameplay, Halo Wars 2 shows a battle between two armies: our heroes against the Banished, a new menace. Using guns, bombs, enemy drops, and different classic Halo weaponry, the game promises you will “know your enemy”.

Dan Ayoub, the Studio Head of Strategy Games, states that “one of the top asks has been to continue the adventures of the Spirit of Fire” and describes the story as our heroes finding a new construct known as the ARC and the Banished, as well as a new enemy called the Atriochs.  Atriochs are brute enemies that pose a new threat to players, promising an exciting addition to combat.

With Halo being one of the most popular and highest grossing series currently available on Xbox, fans will be excited to know that Halo Wars 2 promises to uphold the same excitement and passion that its predecessors possessed, making a promising addition to the franchise.

A week long beta for Xbox One users is launching today, and the full game should be available as a Play Anywhere title February 21st, 2017

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