Halo: The Master Chief Collection Gets June Developer Update

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Gets June Developer Update

The Halo 3 flighting for Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PC has come to end, and 343 Industries has given us a development update on the latest addition to the collection.

If you’ve not been in the loop, the beta testing for Halo 3 on PC was played by nearly 350,000 players, and has finally all wrapped up. Following all the feedback from roughly 4000 contributors, we were given a large amount of information from the developers on the bugs found from players. 

Due to the amount of information given, we are going to give you a quick breakdown of the post and what is talked about.

Engineering Director Greg Hermann goes into extreme detail on the XAudio systems used in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and the original Xbox 360 games. He talks about updating the old audio system to the new system of the Xbox One, all the issues they had with the transition and how they had to do it again for the PC port of the game.

Next, Software Engineer Sean Cooper talks about the hit detection/registration problems and addresses the complaints people had over the changes between the original Halo 3 and the MCC Halo 3. Sean also talks about how making the game run on a higher frequency causes a disruption in the gameplay with how projectiles work because of how the game renders at 60 frames per second rather than 200.

If you are confused about all this, it’s understandable, and Sean states they will give us a new post with examples and videos to help make it easier to explain.

Now that we’ve gone over the technical stuff, let’s talk about the new additions that will be added to the older games.

We have the addition of a new Skull to the collection, the Acrophobia Skull, which allows you to fly around the campaign. Sean talks about how this was inspired by the cheat code used by the developers and how they want to try and bring back the jetpack from Halo Reach and add it to Halo 3.

We have also been given some new information about the battle pass, and how there will be many new items to unlock in the second season. You will also gain season points in campaign, firefight, PVP and by completing challenges not just multiplayer. 

The tier system will also change into a system in which you can unlock any item you choose. You can then move on to the next tier once you unlock everything on that tier, so you can’t unlock anything on tier 2 until you unlock all items on tier 1.

The Halo 3 customization is also receiving some repairs, with the emblems not appearing on the in game armor and bringing back tertiary colour customization options to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Multiple members on the design team mentioned these changes, including Design Director, Matt Jordan.

Halo 3 is not the only game receiving new customization. Halo Combat Evolved will allow visor colour to be changed, like in Halo Reach onward. You can also have weapon skins on all weapons, but when another player picks up your weapon, the skin will change to their chosen skin. Finally, even vehicles are receiving skins, and like weapons it will change depending on who’s in the driver seats.

There is a lot of new content on the way, more than mentioned above. It is an exciting time for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection and the future of Microsoft’s flagship title.

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