Halo Infinite “Step Inside” Trailer Released

Halo Infinite “Step Inside” Trailer Released

It’s been an extremely exciting week for fans with all the Halo Infinite footage and news that has released. 343 Industries opened the Xbox Games showcase with a brand new cinematic trailer for Halo Infinite! Titled “Step Inside”, this new trailer dives into a bit of Halo’s deep lore around the Mjolnir armour.

The CGI trailer takes place in a currently unknown UNSC installation above a mysterious planet. Within the installation liquid metal is shaped, cooled, cut and formed into the iconic Mjolnir armour that the Master Chief wears. This simultaneously shows how the armour for the Spartans are made; and furthermore explaining how The Master Chief got new armour between Halo 5: Guardians Halo Infinite.


Dialogue fills the trailer by actress Jen Taylor, who plays both Cortana and Dr. Halsey; as she explains how important the technology is to the coming war. Unexpectedly, she begins to discuss how this armour and tech is ultimately meaningless – until YOU put it on. This reveals a brilliant shot as the completed armour is lit up with the words “BECOME” illuminate the screen.

This magnificent trailer also features a fantastic piano background music, playing prominent queues that are often known among fans. This effectively gives the trailer a unique Halo feel while also promoting a hopeful, exciting energy surrounding the trailer. View the trailer below, but beware, it may just give you goosebumps.

Halo Infinite is on track to release Holiday 2020 alongside the Xbox Series X, with more news including Multiplayer coming within the next few weeks. Make sure you stay up to date at the official Halo Waypoint page & Twitter account! Of course, be sure to stay tuned at Informed Pixel as well, for we will be covering it every step of the way!

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