Halo Infinite January Update: Sandbox Breakdown

Halo Infinite January Update: Sandbox Breakdown

The community directors of 343 Industries have released their second monthly High Level update on their anticipated release, Halo Infinite. Here’s everything we know in a condensed way. One major thing that we know is that 343 are focusing on is perfecting Halo’s sandbox (player movement, weapons, vehicles, equipment, etc.).

Sandbox designer, Elan Gleiber, said, “…equipment in Infinite creates fewer overall instances of change within the core combat loop, however we can make those instances much more impactful and fun. We have more room to push the boundaries of our sandbox, allowing new ways for players to express their skill and game knowledge across various playstyles.”

This signifies that the new sandbox mechanics (throwing Fusion Coils, and using equipment) will centre around and complement Halo’s combat loop (guns, melee, grenades) in order to unify Halo’s dance-like gameplay.


Additionally, we also know that some enemies may be revamped to accommodate the focus on sandbox.

Head of Creative Joseph Staten states, “…the first time I fought Hunters in Halo InfiniteBait them, get them to charge, then step aside, pivot, and direct as much firepower into their exposed, wormy backsides as you can before they turn-and-turtle.

But when I tried these classic dance steps, the Hunters had something else in mind. As expected, one of the Hunters charged, exposing its weak spot. By the time I’d pivoted to face it, however, it had already pivoted to face me. That’s odd, I thought. Must be a bug. I tried the dance steps again. Same result. Except this time, the second Hunter filled my face with fuel rod projectiles, sending me scrambling for cover.”

“As another volley of enemy fire rattled my virtual head inside my virtual helmet, I remembered: I have equipment. Specifically, in the case of more reactive Hunters: I have a Grappleshot. Which means I’m faster and more mobile too!” This signifies how important the sandbox is to the game, and the importance of using it in combat.

On top of the talk about enemies, we also got to see some awesome images of returning weaponry in Halo. The Hydra from Halo 5 is making a return in Halo Infinite with a slightly new streamlined design, along with fan favourites making an appearance, like the BR and AR.

Finally, we also know that some unannounced vehicles from older Halo games would be returning to Halo Infinite, along with a new vehicle that sits between the Warthog and the Scorpion in terms of power.

The Slipspace engine will ensure that the game runs phenomenally on all platforms and on various PCs. We also know that Halo Infinite will release Fall 2021 for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. There’s a ton we didn’t cover in this piece, so if you’d like to ready the entire update, please visit the Official Halo Waypoint site.

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