Halo Infinite Box Art Released By 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Box Art Released By 343 Industries

Yes you read that right, the Halo Infinite box art has been released a day before the Xbox First Party showcase event. A surprise to many, but a welcome one. The Box art reveal wasn’t the only thing that we got from 343 Industries though, as they provided some cool new wallpapers and social media banners.

This new box art might look familiar. If that’s the case, it’s because it’s a pretty similar image to the Halo Combat Evolved box art. If you compare the two side by side, you’d almost think the Halo Infinite box art was a direct remake of the Halo Combat Evolved box art.

I know you are all probably wondering, well how do I know it’s the box art and not just a promotional piece? Well 343 Industries said it was the box art themselves. If you want extra proof, you can check out the link that has all these juicy wallpapers and more on Halo Waypoint.

A lore breakdown is bound to happen with this image, such as details about the Master Chiefs armour, the area the game is set, the pelican in the background and more. Halo fans will of course be trying their hardest to hold in the hype for tomorrows reveal.

The actual Xbox First Party Showcase can be found on YouTube, and will have a one hour pre-show. Be sure to check that out over on YouTube. Halo Infinite has an expected release date of Holiday 2020 and will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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