Halo 2: Anniversary Is Available Now for PC

Halo 2: Anniversary Is Available Now for PC

The highly anticipated Halo 2: Anniversary is now available for PC as the next instalment in The Master Chief Collection. This is the next step in a larger plan to bring the entire Halo saga, via The Master Chief Collection, to the PC platform. As a result, PC gaming will never be the same.

Halo 2 is often celebrated as a one of the best games in the franchise. The game took the series to a new level with a gripping story & addictive gameplay, which was met with critical and fan acclaim. The multiplayer changed online gaming forever with Xbox Live, being so successful that its getting attention 16 years later. With a full remaster, seasoned fans and newcomers alike can experience Halo 2 like never before.

Halo 2 Anniversary was originally released within The Master Chief Collection on the Xbox One in 2014. It featured a full remaster of the campaign, including revamped graphics and sounds as well as stunning looking CGI cutscenes done by Blur Studios.

It also included a gorgeous remake of the multiplayer that contains 7 of the most popular maps, alongside Halo 2’s classic multiplayer with all 25 original and DLC maps. All of which is now available on PC, with the addition of a few enhancements.

Players can expect to see new features, optimisations and plentiful customisation which have been built for the PC platform. Halo 2 Anniversary provides full 4K UHD support with 60+ frames-per-second, and allows players to teak their experience through a variety of different ways. This includes the ability to customise the field of view (FOV), ultra wide support and full customise mouse & keyboard support.

Halo 2 Anniversary is now available alongside Halo Reach and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary within The Master Chief Collection. Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and Halo 4 will also be be included once they release later this year. Players will have several different options as to how they can jump on and experience the game.

Developer 343 Industries has implemented community involved “flights”, where fans can participate in testing pre-release builds of upcoming games. These public flights have been critical to delivering the best possible experience with each Halo release.

If you’re interested in joining the flighting process for future releases, sign up at HaloInsider.com. Additionally, if you encounter any bugs or glitches, be sure report them in great detail at the Halo Support website.

The Master Chief Collection can be purchased through Steam or The Windows Store for $39.99. They can also download it with Xbox Gamepass Ultimate/PC subscription, and will include all 6 games. Players can alternatively purchase separate games in the collection for $9.99 per game, if they prefer.

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