Granblue Fantasy: Versus Adds New Content

Granblue Fantasy: Versus Adds New Content

Fighting games have been adding a decent amount of extra content lately. Dragon Ball FighterZ added some well-known characters; even Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to expand its roster. N0w Granblue Fantasy: Versus adds new content.

While not as well-known as the other examples above, Granblue Fantasy: Versus has a dedicated fanbase. So XSEED Games and developers Cygames and ARC SYSTEM WORKS have decided to add some stuff.

The newest character, Yuel, is part of the ongoing Season 2 roster ($34.99), or as an individual ($6.99). So far the roster has seen Belial and Cagliostro added to its members, and three more will arrive later. One of those three is already announced to be Anre.

Yuel is an “energetic Erune girl” whose “twin-blade dances will dazzle and confound enemies during battle”. But don’t expect a dour warrior. While some would expect such a personality, “her spunky attitude and positive outlook [have] gained her a reputation as the life of the party”.

Anre is an Eternal “who strives to protect the balance of peace in the world”. As for the final two additions, there hasn’t been any mention yet. On top of all that, a brand new Battle Pass will feature will debut in later December 2020.

This will allow players to clear limited-time challenges to increase their level and receive rewards. “All players will receive free in-game items as they level up including rupies, RPG Mode weapons, in-game trophies and more”.

Granblue Fantasy: Versus is available on PC and PlayStation 4. Yuel will become available on December 14th, 2020, whilst Anre won’t join the roster until January 2021.

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