Gods Will Fall DLC Roadmap Has Been Revealed

Gods Will Fall DLC Roadmap Has Been Revealed

Gods Will Fall has had a formal roadmap for DLC content planned for the game. Available throughout 2021, the DLC is split into 3 and all will be available with the Valiant edition.

Developer Clever Beans have revealed that the DLC will come in each quarter following Q1 of 2021, meaning three main releases for the game. Alongside the paid content, there will be a free DLC by the name of ‘The Dolmen Depths’ available in Q2, leaving something for players to look forward to.

Within the roadmap released, Clever Beans have promised a variety of new content to look forward to. This includes new Gods, weapon classes, items and skills. In addition, there is cosmetic upgrades available and new ‘hidden secrets’ spread throughout the game world for you to find.

Furthermore, for those who haven’t yet played Gods Will Fall. The Roguelike revolves around leading a series of warriors around the overworld, and also fighting in the domains of various Gods. In typical fashion for the games’ genre, you gain items and progress your fighters as you conquer more of the game.

As part of the draw to the genre, there is auto-generated terrain. In addition, each section has varying difficulty. This leads to a varied experience and one that offers replay-ability, even if some of the harder parts of the game may leave you frustrated. The game promises to prove rewarding in the end.

Gods Will Fall is out now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. The standard edition is retailing at £19.99, along with the Valiant edition which is also available for £25.99 and includes various extra content and DLC access.

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