Gnosia is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Gnosia is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

With the huge popularity of Among Us right now, companies will try and leech some of that momentum. This game doesn’t appear to be one of them, for reasons outlined below. Whether you’ve played that game or not, you may want a similar experience. Luckily, Gnosia is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

It first showed itself during the Nintendo Indie World Showcase, and will soon be arriving in North America. It’s consistently been described as a “single-player, story-driven version of Among Us“; in other words, it’s a social deduction game.

Twinning is Everything

Each playthrough of the game is short– about 5-15 minutes. It also features customizable options, such as how many Gnosia (impostors) there are. There will also be other mysteries that will only get answered by playing through multiple times.

Gnosia was originally released on the PlayStation Vita in 2019 by Petit Depot, a Japanese developer. It went on to become a bit of a cult classic in Japan and released on Nintendo Switch there earlier this year. Now it’s ready to make a journey to the West.

The game received a 10 out of 10 score at IGN Japan, which bodes well for those looking forward to it. The gameplay itself combines a “social deduction format with verbal boss fights, skill systems, and character classes.”

What are the Gnosia? Evil life-forms that can disguise themselves as human. Each night the intruder remains undiscovered, another player dies. Players vote on who the Gnosia is, the “winner” of which gets the gift of cryosleep. You can even be cast as the Gnosia yourself, but keep in mind that there can be more than one…

Gnosia is coming to the Nintendo Switch in North America early 2021. It is already available on the Nintendo Switch in Japan and on PlayStation Vita globally.

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