Ghostwire: Tokyo Gameplay Revealed

Ghostwire: Tokyo Gameplay Revealed

The latest game developed by Tango Gameworks has finally revealed its gameplay. Ghostwire: Tokyo, which is being published by Bethesda, has been known about for a while now. Now fans finally have some story details and gameplay to look into. Let’s go over what we know so far and has been shown. 

The story takes place in modern day Tokyo where something supernatural has caused 99% of Tokyo’s population to disappear. Meanwhile, spirits from Japanese folklore stories swarmed the city and have made it their new home. 

However you, the player, the last resident of Tokyo, discover you possess supernatural powers and use them to solve the mystery of the disappearances and remove the spirits from Tokyo.

The game is a first person action adventure in which you explore Tokyo and visit some of the most recognizable and breathtaking places. From the Tokyo Tower to Shibuya Crossing, all with a supernatural twist which can give even a resident of Tokyo a sense of unfamiliarity.

Visually, Tango is taking full advantage and shows the potential of the next generation of consoles in its recreation of the bright city. The comfort of a small local district, the darkness of alleyways all surrounded in silence, they all feel so real. 

In terms of the paranormal powers you will wield, we have seen a variety of abilities all used to banish spirits. From your basic fire and ice attacks, abilities used to push spirits into well placed traps and even some used to remove barriers. You will be able to gain new powers, all of which can be used to fit your play style. 

Along with this, we even saw glory kill inspired animations where we see the player ripping out the inner core of a Slenderman looking spirit. 

Tango is well known for their love of Japanese folklore, ghost stories and urban legends from around the world. Ghostwire shows this passion by capturing the designs of the spirits that feel like they are real and are capable of being touched. 

We see spirits like the previously mentioned Slenderman (though he is much shorter than the stories mention), we got to see an invisible spirit wearing a sailor uniform (name unknown), the Amewarashi which is a spirit in the form of a child wearing a raincoat due to its great sadness of being separated from his parents. Another ghost that looks like the Teru Teru Bōzu that are charms hung up  to stop and prevent rain are also seen.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be released sometime next year and will be released on the PlayStation 5 and PC. For more reviews and gaming news you can keep up to date at Informed Pixel. Want to speak to the team and interact with other gamers? You can do so over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account. Thank you for reading my article. I stream on pretty frequently, come check me out whenever I am live!