Ghost Recon Breakpoint Adds Splinter Cell Content

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Adds Splinter Cell Content

Many games these days start off less than great. More and more games are pushed out before they are actually ready to be released; this comes with promises to upgrade and change things in the future. Its a risky move, but somehow still pays off for the companies doing it, most of the time.

For every Fallout 76 there’s a No Man’s Sky, for every Mass Effect: Andromeda (which I liked, other than it not being finished) there’s a Sea of Thieves. Ubisoft is looking to push Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint from the former to the latter camp.

Ubisoft have released Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s new DLC, titled Deep State. Mission 1 of the DLC will be accessible to all players, who will also get to keep the rewards. Mission 2 includes two new classes, Echelon and Engineer, but they will be exclusive to Year One Pass owners for the first week.

There will also be something called the Ghost Experience, which basically allows more player customization options. Want more realistic loot? Ubisoft has you covered, but that’s not the most exciting part. There are 8 new missions where the player will partner up with Sam Fisher, the stealth master from the Splinter Cell series, to take out mind-controlled military drones.

These missions will feature cinematic voice-work by Michael Ironside, and will introduce new stealth elements to the game. On top of that, it will add more than 7 hours of content, besides the stealth-oriented Echelon and drone-releasing Engineer for PVP and PVE.

The Deep State DLC is purchasable on its own or as part of the Year One Pass. You can see a full detailing of everything in Deep State here. If you are only interested in the updates, you can find a detailing of those here. Otherwise, you can try to get the drop on Sam Fisher in Ghost Recon Breakpoint as of now.

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