GENSOU SkyDrift Console Release Date Revealed

GENSOU SkyDrift Console Release Date Revealed

Sony Music Entertainment publishing label UNTIES have announced that the tag team racing game GENSOU SkyDrift will be heading to Nintendo Switch and Steam very soon. The former Mario Kart developers IlluCalab are helping bring this fun filled game onto consoles.

The game might remind people of the incredibly popular Gamecube game, Mario Kart Double Dash. In GENSOU SkyDrift, one character flies around the track whilst the other stands on their back. Perhaps a little less comfortable than a kart, but it’s cool nevertheless. With a total of 20 characters to choose from there is no shortage of selection.

Each character has their very own set of spells, stats and power ups, so knowing when to swap drivers is vital to success. The game also features a Story mode, Versus mode and Time Attack mode, all for different types of players. There is also an online multiplayer mode that allows players to play against up to seven friends.

Most characters in this title are from the very popular Touhou series. Although this series is hard to summarise, it was popularised by it’s bullet hell shooter titles. A large amount of fan made projects that span over music and various game genres helped popularise Touhou in the East and West. GENSOU SkyDrift will be a welcome addition to the ever growing western library of Touhou games.

GENSOU SkyDrift  is due for release December 12th, 2019 on Nintendo Switch PC. A PlayStation 4 version of the game is planned for Q1 of 2020.

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