Gears of War 4 to Receive “Biggest Update Ever”

Gears of War 4 to Receive “Biggest Update Ever”

Developer of Gears Of War 4, The Coalition, is releasing the “biggest ever” update as a part of its new content patch for the title.

Coming June 6th, players can expect to see a free Rise of the Horde update, adding two new difficulty levels to both the Campaign and Horde modes. The modes will be called “Inconceivable” and “Ironman”. Twenty new achievements will also be added, as well as bringing back two popular maps: Avalanche (from Gears of War 2) and Rust Lung (from Gears of War 3).

All of the biggest changes will be found in the game’s Horde mode though. While there will be two new difficulty levels, there also will be fifteen new Horde skills, as well as new Loot drops. Following the update, all of the existing skills that players have can be raised to Level 6 as well. ¬†Additionally, a fun bonus for season pass holders will be the opportunity to get a free gear pack that has 5 of the newest Horde Skills as well as a bonus Horde Expert Pack.

From June 9-15 Microsoft is going to be offering a limited time free trial of Gears of War 4 for Xbox One and PC players. ¬†This will allow players to download a trial version of the game that lets players try “10 hours of free play” that encompasses the first act of the game’s campaign and also will give players complete access to both the Horde and Versus modes available in the game.