Gamestop Hosting Retro 3-Pack Amiibo Event

Gamestop Hosting Retro 3-Pack Amiibo Event

Update: We have heard from EBGames Canada that they will not be hosting this event. This event is exclusive to Gamestop in the United States.

Gamestop has announced that they are hosting a pre-order event on Saturday, August 8th, for the Retro Amiibo 3-Pack.

Stores will be opening an hour early on Saturday for the event. Fans wanting to secure their 3-pack can head to any Gamestop within the United States on Saturday to place a pre-order on the Amiibo set. The 3-pack includes Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt Dog & R.O.B. and may be very limited once released.

Unfortunately, there is no word onĀ if this event will be held at EBGames Canada but we have reached out to them for more information.