Gameforge is Now The North-American Publisher of TERA

Gameforge is Now The North-American Publisher of TERA

With the coronavirus running rampant and people out of work, companies have started to peel back their reach. Level-5 isn’t releasing games outside of Japan for the next while; whether this will be permanent is unknown. Now a company is shutting down, and the publishing rights have shifted. En Masse Entertainment, the former publisher of TERA on PC in North America, will no longer exist as an entity. As for the game itself, Gameforge is now the North-American publisher of TERA.

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As a German company, Gameforge already controlled various regions like Russia and Southeast Asia. But fortunately Bluehole, the company in charge of the console North American releases has avoided any issues– they will continue to publish the console versions. But Gameforge isn’t just a publisher, which makes this situation more unique. Gameforge has its own launcher, where it will introduce its own servers for the game.

Players who want to continue will have to move their character to the new servers. This will be possible from October 22nd to December 18th. Those who do will receive a welcoming gift from the company. North American players will also gain access to something they’ve missed out on– TERA Battle Arena. This is a new team-based PvP mode with new story, ranks, and loot, among other things.

TERA stands for the The Exiled Realm of Arborea and is an MMORPG that released in North America in 2012. That hasn’t stopped it from continuing to improve itself, bringing such things as cross-platform play this November. People who own the game on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will also receive a free upgrade to their respective new console sometime during the holidays. The upgraded editions will include an Enhanced Graphics Mode and will also feature both cross-platform and cross-generation play.

TERA is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One; it will be available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S at release. As always, for more reviews and gaming news you can keep up to date at Informed Pixel. Want to speak to the team and interact with other gamers? You can do so over on the Informed Pixel Facebook page or on the Informed Pixel Twitter account.