Game Freak Hiring For Pokemon Game On Nintendo Switch?

Game Freak Hiring For Pokemon Game On Nintendo Switch?

Game Freak is looking for individuals to fill a role at the company, to assist with the development of something that sounds an awful lot like Pokemon.

The job posting was spotted on Indeed Japan, which lists open vacancies for Game Freak. What makes the job posting interesting is the tidbits of information scattered throughout the posting. It appears that Game Freak is looking for those who have experience with the animation software Maya, to join their team to work on a game that is known “Globally popular RPG.”

The job is based on a temporary contract said to last until May 2018, at the longest. Those chosen for the job will be responsible for working with the cartoon-like character, item, and monster models, as well as a mix of data entry and debugging. If that doesn’t sound like a Pokemon title, I don’t know what is.

It is worth mentioning that this RPG is being developed on a console, as Siliconera points out, which could indicate that a new Pokemon title is in development for the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon is one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises, so it would make sense to develop for Nintendo’s latest console.

The latest Pokemon titles, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, were released for the Nintendo 3DS have done phenomenally well in terms of sales.

Source: Siliconera