Free Hearthstone Card Available Exclusively This Weekend!

Free Hearthstone Card Available Exclusively This Weekend!

Blizzard is offering a free Card for Hearthstone players this weekend for one day only!  While it’s only 1 card, getting it is going to be beyond simple and easy.

All that players need to do is log into servers tomorrow, May 20th, and they will get a Fight Promoter card!  It’s seriously as simple as that. Log in, get card!  The only catch is that if you miss the one day window to get the card, it’s probably lost forever.

Fight Promoter (the card that players will receive) is a six-mana 4/4 card.  The feature of the card is a Battle Cry that allows players to draw 2 cards if you have control of a Minion with at least 6 health.

With a new expansion being made available in April with more than 130 new cards available, the Year of the Mammoth is shaping up to hold great things for gamers, even if the new expansion didn’t include a single-player adventure, especially considering Blizzard’s changes to how they release these new cards to players.