Fractured Releases Kickstarter Teaser Videos

Fractured Releases Kickstarter Teaser Videos

Dynamight Studios, the team behind Fractured, has released a series of teaser videos in relation to their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.  The Kickstarter campaign launch was previously stated to be early on in June but has since been delayed until the end of the month in order to not conflict with E3.  As the end of the month draws inevitably closer Dynamight Studios has begun releasing some teaser content.


On their forums, “Prometheus” (CEO of Dynamight Studios) has begun teasing some new content in the form of screenshots unlocked via games in the forums.  Typically the more posts in the thread, the more screenshots that get released.  You can find both of the existing posts here and here.  Each thread has 10+ screenshots with a common theme found in each thread.  The first thread houses screenshots of PvE style combat in the swamp biome within the game.  Here you can find “Prometheus” and “Uriel” battling some sort of golem looking creature, as well as some poisonous looking mushrooms while traversing through the swamp.  The second thread contains some gathering and structure building screenshots showing you how the gathering system itself appears to work and giving you a taste of what the world in Fractured will look like.  Both threads seemingly have their screenshots pulled from the making of the Kickstarter teaser videos themselves which can be found above.

If the trickle of content for Fractured has you hyped but you are concerned about the monetary investment in their upcoming Kickstarter campaign, you can try to win an Alpha key via The Foundation.  This system is built in to the Fractured website and is meant to encourage the sharing of their news as well as being active in the community.  There are weekly drawings that grant additional Foundation points to aid in leveling up and progressing through the system.  Though presently the exact requirements are unknown, the following information has been shared via The Foundation.

With the Kickstarter campaign right around the corner it’s safe to assume hype for the game may pick up.  We’ll be interested to see just how much traction the Kickstarter campaign attains for a relatively unknown studio and whether or not the newly priced packages are accurate to the communities wishes.

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