Forza Motorsport Official Announcement Trailer Released

Forza Motorsport Official Announcement Trailer Released

Xbox has released their announcement trailer for the next instalment in one of their most prestige franchises, Forza. On their first party game showcase live-stream on Thursday they showed off Forza Motorsport, which is honestly looking very crisp and polished.

In the 15 years since the launch of the first Forza, this franchise has come to represent a passion for cars, a community centred around competition and creativity, and the opportunity to connect and immerse players.

With Forza Motorsport, Turn 10 Studios is taking the lessons and evolution’s of the entire history of Motorsport, and building an all new Motorsport experience that takes full advantage of the speed and immersion of Xbox Series X.

That means you can expect stunning visuals and tech, such as ray tracing, native 4K, and 60 FPS, and some brand new game concepts, all intended to connect players to the Forza universe, and each other, like never before.

As of right now, the game is still in early development, and there has not been any hints for it releasing any time soon, but you can follow the development for Forza Motorsport on their website. You can also watch the message from creative director Chris Esaki.

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