Fortnite’s Thanos Has Already Been Nerfed

Fortnite’s Thanos Has Already Been Nerfed

Having been added as a promotional venture into popular Battle Royale game Fortnite, Marvel’s main antagonistic force from the new film Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos, has already been nerfed.


Epic Game’s developers added an Infinity Gauntlet mode to the game which allows a single player to experience the power of the gauntlet and become Thanos; but within literally a few hours Epic Games realized that Thanos was way to strong—because of course he was.

Having confirmed the nerfing on Reddit, Epic Games went into short detail explaining the decision. Before the nerfing, Thanos had 700 health that could not be regenerated and 300 shield. According to my boyfriend and sister who both play too much Fortnite these abilities are ridiculous and makes Thanos near impossible to kill. Even though at the time of writing this article Thanos’ health was increased from 700 to 800, reducing his shield to 200 makes the fight a little bit more feasible, though still daunting.

Epic Games says that they are still monitoring feedback just in case any more changes need to be made to this insanely powerful character, though having played the game mode in both stages myself I can say that no matter what Epic Games does this new game mode is sure to be fun—even if you aren’t the one who finds the Infinity Gauntlet.

At this moment in time there is no set end date for this mode. It can be estimated that we will have the Infinity Gauntlet mode available to play for about a week (judging by how long other special mode’s like this have been available for).

Currently, my favourite fan reply to the news comes from Reddit user iAmMattG who simply says “No. Disagree with the change. Make the man stronger.”  I feel like out of all of the responses from the community this statement encapsulates everybody’s opinion very nicely.

This nerfing, however, brings up a more troubling issue. If Doctor Strange had the time stone and the ability to see multiple realities and outcomes—was the one reality he saw the one where Thanos was nerfed and clunky to play as? We may have to wait to see if any buffs are released to find out.