Fortnite Season 5: New Regions, Fortnite Items & Motion Controls

Fortnite Season 5: New Regions, Fortnite Items & Motion Controls

The new season for Fortnite has begun, with the introduction of new map changes as well as outfits and other minuscule items ready for the taking. Kicking off with a historian theme coupled with a beach vibe, Fortnite Season 5 looks like a wild ride for players of the franchise. Not to mention, the Battle Pass for this season has got a load of new rewards for you to unlock as you try to reach the maximum level and get the most out of your pass. There are over 100 items to get, ranging from Fortnite skins and emotes to icons and Fortnite items like gliders and harvesting tools.

Rifts, All Terrain Carts, & New Areas to Explore

During the lead-up to the launch of this season, countless hints have been dropped by Epic regarding one of the update’s biggest features. Objects from our world suddenly popped up out of thin air inside Fornite, due to the Rifts that appeared after a missile launch. This transported objects in and out of the game world. After all the teasing, the update now gives players the opportunity to interact with the Rifts, transporting them up to the skies, giving them the chance to skydive and cover more ground during times where the circle draws near.

The game also introduced the first fast-moving vehicle made specifically for teams of four players. Fortnite has always been the battle royale game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, thus the vehicle came in the form of a golf cart called “All Terrain Kart” or ATK for short. These carts are game-changers since they have the ability to carry your whole squad across the island with relative ease. They also give three of your teammates at the back the chance to gun down enemies while one person drives the cart. Best of all, the carts can also enter the rifts!

Perhaps the biggest change in terms of location is the addition of the Desert Biome. The swampy and deserted lands of the southeastern corner of the map have transformed into a bustling desert landscape with a chock full of structures, mountains, and roads. The racetrack from before has now been revamped with actual pavement that just screams for players to use the All Terrain Kart and race with your peers. The track that perfectly goes with the introduction of the new place called Paradise Palms is a lavish area set in the middle of the desert biome. An area full of lavish house and even a pool and a gas station, although it’s pretty far from the middle of the map, it has become a hotspot for players to drop to in order to check out the new place. Furthermore, Anarchy Acres has officially left the map, and in its place is the new Lazy Links. The golf resort features several buildings, golf courses, tennis courts, and even a parking lot.


Battle Pass & Fortnite Items

The Battle Pass is available for purchase in-game for 950 V-Bucks and can be leveled up by playing Battle Royale mode. When you purchase a Battle Pass, you’ll immediately gain access to the Drift and Huntress skins, as well as some XP bonuses. Beyond that, there are emotes, gilders, loading screens, sprays, skins, back baling, contrails, and more to unlock as you progress. A new feature that’s been added in the Battle Pass is Toys. With toys like basketballs, golf balls and beach balls, you can play around the basketball court with your squad, get a hole in one by playing at a golf court, or just enjoy some beach ball bouncing in the sand!

Motion Controls for the Nintendo Switch

If you’re planning on getting the Nintendo Switch, boy have we got a surprise for you. Fortnite has added gyroscopic motion controls! That should make aiming easier for those that prefer gyro controls since it’s especially useful for playing games like Splatoon 2, plus if you need a little help from the motion controllers and you don’t want to rely entirely on the thumbstick, then using gyro controls is indeed the best way to go.

More to Come

Fortnite is opening the season with a new and refreshing take on the game. Coupled with an all-new Battle Pass, we also get to interact with the items around the map! With more upcoming skins and other items to be gained before the season ends, we can expect more leaks to come up before September hits. Needless to say, with Fortnite being the most popular battle royale genre at the moment, it’s hard to put the game down. Even if you plan to quit sooner or later, you can still try out our Fortnite Value Calculator so you can know how much you can sell your account for, depending on what the inclusions are!

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