Fortnite Mobile Invites Can Now Be Sent To Friends Using iOS

Fortnite Mobile Invites Can Now Be Sent To Friends Using iOS

Fortnite is a highly successful game- there is no doubting that. With a mobile release coming out it seems that its success can only grow!  Recently, players all over the world found out that Fortnite was coming to mobile platforms, and shortly after that invites had been sent out on iOS. Fortnite developer, Epic Games, is now officially allowing select players to start inviting their friends to join the fray.

Gamespot reports receiving an email informing them that friend invites are now available. “You have new friend invites ready to send!” the email reads. “Share them with your friend to give them instant access to the Fortnite Invite Event on iOS.” The outlet continues on to say that they have received up to 3 invites, leaving an impression that the mobile community is gearing up for the release of mobile devices, with iOS being tested before Android.

While Fortnite is only in beta at the moment, it is causing some concern regarding the quality of experience on mobile. There are subtle differences between the mobile version and their console/PC releases, however, Epic Games states that mobile users are receiving the same Battle Royale experience as those other devices. This sounds promising, but it still leaves players wondering how much the portability of the game and feeling of playing it on mobile will affect the experience of playing this game. So far, Fortnite Mobile appears to run great, as videos online have shown stable framerates and great connectivity.

Fortnite is available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

Source: Gamespot